As a voter… No matter who is elected in October 2019, we want the government to immediately establish a commission to examine comprehensive tax reform, with full public input and debate, and report to Parliament in not more than one year.

You can help, no matter what party you support, and even if you do not support any party at all.

Action Tips

Tip #1

Attend the all-candidates debates in your riding. Publicly ask the candidates, Will you commit to the immediate creation of a parliamentary commission to examine comprehensive tax reform in Canada?


Raise the issue of the need for comprehensive tax reform directly with the candidates and the campaign offices in your community.

Tip #3

Use Social Media such as Twitter, Facebook or Reddit to spread the word . Check out our recent blog post for some sample Tweets you can copy and share

Tip #4

Please re-tweet as many of our tweets as you can, and especially those which we address to candidates in this election. Follow the “hashtag” we use for this election, #singletaxsystem, and include it in your tweets. Encourage everyone in your network to engage with us on Twitter.

Tip #5

Your Associations and Community Organizations — Spread The Word Through Your Networks!

If you are a member of a local chamber of commerce, board of trade, professional association or other community organization, please use these networks to spread the word on the need for comprehensive tax reform in this election.

As a representative … Encourage your leader to engage in the tax reform conversation by sending a letter. Feel free to use our template as follows:

Dear __________,

The Income Tax Act of Canada is needlessly complex, and, as a result, the income tax system in this country is inefficient and just plain unfair.

There is nothing new about this. What is relatively new is the amplified voice for tax reform from ever greater sectors of the economy. Even the tax industry today (lawyers and accountants) who benefit more from the system’s complexity are calling for simplification and urgent comprehensive reform. The need to integrate, simplify and create a fair and efficient tax system is more urgent and important than ever. The economy, and not just in Canada, is more entrepreneur-driven than ever before. At the same time we hear calls for a universal basic income in Canada as one way to address the growing rates of poverty and increasing income inequality in every region of Canada. A simple, fair and efficient tax system that reflects the Canada of today can make monumental strides towards addressing these concerns.

We encourage you to commit to the following in this election: The creation of a parliamentary commission tasked with studying comprehensive tax reform, a commission that has real teeth, real objectives and deadlines, and commands a clear response from all legislators in Ottawa. We would appreciate a response by email. We will make responses public. We would be pleased to answer any questions you have.



Constitutency or Organization Address

Names and Contact Information for the 4 main party leaders:

Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, PC, MP
Prime Minister of Canada
Via email: [email protected]
Office of the Prime Minister of Canada
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2
Twitter: @JustinTrudeau
Hon. Andrew Scheer, MP
Leader of the Loyal Opposition
Leader of the Conservative Party; MP, Regina-Qu’Appelle
Via email: [email protected]
Leader of the Conservative Party
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6
Twitter: @AndrewScheer
Hon. Jagmeet Singh, MP
Leader of the NDP
Via email: [email protected]
300 – 279 Laurier West
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5J9
Twitter: @theJagmeetSingh
Hon. Elizabeth May, MP
Leader of the Green Party; MP, Saanich-Gulf Islands
Via email: [email protected]
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6
Twitter: @ElizabethMay

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